The Juanita Broaddrick Files: Why Broaddrick’s Previous Sworn Statements Denying She Was Raped By Bill Clinton Do Not Cast Doubt On Her Subsequent Claims That She Was

(Bill Clinton and Juanita Broaddrick)
(Juanita Broaddrick recounting her ordeal of being raped by Bill Clinton to NBC’s Lisa Meyers pictured at right. Monica Lewinsky pictured at left.)
(Rick and Beverly Lambert — the two private detectives hired by Paula Jones’ legal team who secretly recorded Juanita Broaddrick admitting that something terrible happened between herself and Bill Clinton, but that she would deny everything if dragged into court against her will. Seen here with their children Miranda and Luke.)
(Elizabeth Ward Gracen, the woman whom her friend Judy Stokes swore under oath had confessed to her that she had been raped by Bill Clinton.)
(Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Starr)
(Juanita Broaddrick and Monica Lewinsky)
(Broaddrick today, and in 1978 during the time she was an avid supporter of Bill Clinton’s campaign for Governor of Arkansas, weeks before she claimed she was raped by him in Little Rock.)



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