The Woody Allen Controversy Reader: The Photographic Lie That Casual Racists Most Often Use To Try And Disparage Woody Allen

Justin Levine
4 min readJan 16, 2019

There have been many falsehoods and distortions made about the controversies concerning Woody Allen. But among the most pernicious is the penchant for Allen’s critics to post misleading pictures of Allen and his daughters in order to support their belief that Allen must be a pedophile.

They often begin by stating outright falsehoods that Woody Allen “married his daughter”, when nothing could be further from the truth. Allen married Soon-Yi Previn, who was not his daughter. She was not his biological daughter, nor his adopted daughter, nor his stepdaughter. She was not his daughter in any way, shape or form. She was the daughter of Andre Previn — full stop.

But when supplementing this lie, they will buttress their case by posting a commonly-shared picture of a young Asian girl sitting on Allen’s lap, as though this is somehow evidence that he must be a child molester who “married his daughter”.

There is a huge problem here — the girl in the photo is not Soon-Yi Previn. She is Bechet Dumaine Allen, the girl that he and his wife Soon-Yi adopted in 1999 along with another girl named Manzie Tio Allen in 2000 (adoptions that the state readily approved of, since claims made that he molested his other, perviously adopted daughter were determined to be false by an official inquiry).

Here is an image of Allen with his now-wife Soon-Yi Previn that was taken well before the image of Allen with his daughter Becehet seen above.

(Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen)

Other variations of this lie by those who deliberately try to confuse readers into thinking that images of Bechet Allen are actually those of Soon-Yi Previn occur throughout the Internet.

(Bechet Dumaine Allen and Woody Allen)

Again, the young girl on the left in the photo above is his adopted daughter Bechet Dumaine Allen, not his wife Soon-Yi Previn who also adopted Bechet. Bechet turned 20-years-old in 2018.

Here is a more accurate and truthful picture that depicts Allen with his wife Soon-Yi and their two daughters.

(Left to Right: Bechet Allen, Soon-Yi Previn, Manzie Allen, Woody Allen)

Allen’s DAUGHTER Bechet is seen on the far left while his WIFE Soon-Yi is seen on the second/middle left.

And here, the DAUGHTER Bechet is seen on the far right, while his WIFE Soon-Yi is in the middle.

(Left to right: Manzie Allen, Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen, Bechet Allen)

Yet Allen’s critics routinely post pictures of Allen alone with his daughter Bechet in a deliberate attempt to fool people into thinking that she is Soon-Yi Previn as a subtle form of disinformation to support the notion that he is somehow a child molester.

(Woody Allen with his daughter Bechet Allen)

Rarely will they post photos showing Allen with both his daughter and wife simultaneously since that would expose their lies. Instead, they post photos with Allen merely sitting with his daughter alone in order to try and sell the notion that Allen is a serial molester.

(Left: A teenage Bechet Allen with parents Woody and Soon-Yi; Right: Woody holding a younger Bechet.)

It doesn’t need to be stated that to try and suggest that a father is guilty of molestation simply because he is seen holding his own daughter in his lap is beneath contempt. So why do Allen’s enemies think they can get away with this?

Simple. They think all Asians look alike and are counting on the fact that others think the same.

In other words — racism, pure and simple.

By all accounts, Allen has provided a loving environment for his wife and the two daughters that he helped to raise with her. Bechet Allen has taken to social media to defend her father against the myriad of lies and innuendos that have stalked him for the past number of years, as has Moses Farrow whom Allen also adopted during his time with (now ex-girlfriend) Mia Farrow.