The Woody Allen Controversy Reader: A Quick & Dirty List of All of Mia Farrow’s Children, Adoptions, Attempted Adoptions & Name Changes of Her Children.

Justin Levine
4 min readMay 17, 2018

A chronological listing of all the children birthed or adopted by Mia Farrow, along with all attempted adoptions & name changes of her children:

[The Andre Previn Era]

  1. Matthew Previn (born 1970 — father Andre Previn.)
  2. Sascha Previn (born 1970 — father Andre Previn, twin brother to Matthew.)
  3. Lark Previn (born 1973 — adopted in 1973 by Mia Farrow & Andre Previn. Born in Vietnam. Died of AIDS-related complications on Christmas, 2008.)
  4. Fletcher Previn (born 1974 — father Andre Previn.)
  5. Summer/Daisy Previn (born 1974 — adopted as “Summer” in 1976 by Mia Farrow & Andre Previn. Born in Vietnam. Name changed to “Daisy” sometime in her childhood, well after her adoption.)
  6. Soon-Yi Previn (estimated year born: 1970 — adopted in 1978 by Mia Farrow and Andre Previn. Originally born in Korea. Briefly renamed Gigi by Mia Farrow before reverting back to Soon-Yi.)

    [1979–1980: Divorced from Andre Previn. Beginning of her relationship with Woody Allen.]
  7. Misha/Moses Farrow (born 1978 — adopted in 1980 by Mia Farrow. Born in Korea with cerebral palsy.)
  8. Dylan/Eliza/Malone Farrow (born 1985 — adopted in 1985 by Mia Farrow as “Dylan”. Born in Texas. Reportedly adopted after Mia Farrow was unable to conceive with Woody Allen. Name was later changed to “Eliza” in the winter of 1993, then “Malone” at least by 2003 when she was 18, though most current press accounts refer to her once again as “Dylan” now.)
  9. Satchel/Harmon/Seamus/Ronan Farrow (born 1987 to Mia Farrow. Woody Allen is the presumed biological father, though persistent questions, rumors and speculation have remained to suggest that the biological father might be Frank Sinatra. Originally named Satchel by Farrow and Allen. Changed his name in winter 1993 to “Seamus” after first briefly choosing “Harmon”. By 2005 his name had again changed to “Ronan”.)

    * Oct. 1991 — Aborted adoption attempt by Mia Farrow of Sanjay, a six-year-old paraplegic boy from Vietnam. Farrow had brought Sanjay home but reportedly later changed her mind about the adoption upon taking him to a doctor and discovering that he suffered from mental retardation.

    [Dec. 17, 1991 — Woody Allen formally adopts Dylan and Moses Farrow as a co-adoptive, single parent.]

    [Jan. 13, 1992 — Mia Farrow first discovers the relationship between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn.]
  10. Tam Farrow (born 1979 — adopted in February 1992 by Mia Farrow. Blind girl from Vietnam. Died in 2000 at age 21 of reported “heart failure”, though skeptics have questioned the given cause of death. Her brother Moses has explicitly claimed that her death was a suicide by overdose.)
  11. Isaiah Farrow (born 1992 — adopted February 1992 by Mia Farrow in the same week that she adopted Tam. Originally a crack-addicted infant.)

    [August 1992: Public Announcement of the Official End of the Woody Allen Relationship Era.]

    * Summer 1992 — Aborted adoption attempt by Mia Farrow of a crack-addicted infant named Tunisia. Farrow decides to withdraw her adoption application at the last minute after consulting with Satchel and Dylan.

    * February 1993 — Aborted adoption attempt by Mia Farrow of a six-year-old child with Multiple Sclerosis. Farrow reportedly gave up on the attempt after finding the “red tape” was too much for her.

    * January 1994 — Aborted adoption attempt by Mia Farrow of Shay, a two-year-old blind girl from Vietnam. Farrow reportedly brought her home for “several hours” but then quickly gave her up after discovering that she also suffered from mental retardation.
  12. Gabriel/Thaddeus Wilk Farrow (born 1989 — adopted in 1994 by Mia Farrow. Paraplegic from India. Originally named Gabriel. Later had his first name changed to Thaddeus. Middle name given by Mia Farrow in honor of Judge Elliott Wilk who ruled in her favor during her custody dispute with Woody Allen. Died in 2016 after committing suicide.)
  13. Kaeli-Shea/Quincy Farrow (born 1993 — adopted in 1994 by Mia Farrow. Originally named “Bailey” by Mia Farrow before settling on Kaeli-Shae by the time of her formal adoption, she later had her name changed once again to Quincy.)
  14. Frankie-Minh Farrow (born 1989 — adopted in 1995 by Mia Farrow. Blind girl from Vietnam, like Tam. Named after Frank Sinatra.)

Mia Farrow’s total number of children: 14

Number of her biological children: 4

Number of her adopted children: 10

Number of reported additional, attempted adoptions that were either not finalized or quickly reversed: 4

Number of her children who had their names changed at least once post-birth or adoption: 7

Number of her children who have died in either tragic or mysterious circumstances: 3

Number of her children who are alienated from her and no longer speaking with her: 2